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Pet Stain-Free Glory

Nothing makes a home feel like new quite like a professional, deep carpet clean. Contact Das-Brooks Flooring Service today!

When it comes to the flooring in your home, the Das-Brooks Flooring Service team has you covered from start to finish. Our qualified technicians and installers are ready to help you complete anything you need, whether it’s a tile floor and backsplash repair, a professional carpet cleaning, or the installation of your new laminate wood flooring.

With nearly four decades of happy customers and a satisfaction guarantee, Das-Brooks Flooring Service is Warner Robins’ #1 Residential Flooring.

For all Your Residential Needs: Das-Brooks Flooring Service

Middle Georgia’s homeowners know who to call for quality flooring-related services. Our team is trained in a variety of techniques and equipment used to help repair, restore, and refresh all areas of your home; If it has a floor, we can take care of it! Best of all, we offer various complimentary professional cleaning services that can take your deep cleaning to the next level. So if you feel like your house could use some extra care and attention, we have got you covered:

Middle Georgia’s Best Flooring Repair Team. Broken tile, water damage, lifting planks, bunched carpeting, and ripped vinyl are no match for our years of experience. So whatever ails your home’s flooring, let us save you money and restore them like the day you moved in. In addition, we can do go backsplashes, surrounds, and interior walls; We are your one-stop flooring repair shop!

Warner Robins’s Best Carpet Cleaners. Pets, kids, daily usage, stains, accidents, mold, and dust are no match for our professional carpet cleaning techniques. If you have allergies, skin rashes, or feel your family has been sick more often this year, it’s worth looking at your home’s carpeting. Although comfortable on the feet, carpets can harbor dust, mildew, pollen, and dander. After our hot water extraction methods, your carpets will be immaculate!

In addition to these incredible ‘home-changing services, Das-Brooks Flooring Service is equipped to help you give your entire home a refresh:

Professional Grout Cleaning. Let us dive into your showers, bath surrounds, tiled walls, floors, and backsplashes to lift grout discoloration and reseal these porous areas to keep grime and bacteria out for good! We will also polish and buff your tile or stone to deep clean like a hand polish cannot duplicate.

Upholstery Steam Cleaning. Although we use high-pressure steam to extract years of dirt and dust, our process and products are gentle and tailored for each piece of furniture in your home. So, you can feel good knowing that both your barely used and family heirloom fabric furniture is in excellent hands.

Expert Flooring Installation. If your flooring is beyond repair, or perhaps it’s time to renovate your space, the qualified flooring technicians at Das-Brooks Flooring Service will get the job done right. We are experienced with all residential flooring options, so if you want hardwood in the living room, carpet in the basement, and new kitchen tile, we have you covered!


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Expertise, experience, and satisfaction guarantee is the Das-Brooks way! For a consultation, please contact the administrative team by calling (478) 396-4312 or send us your information through the website contact form.